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Maybe a watching the CBS News Sunday Morning segment didn't quench your thirst for info on Robbie Robertson, talented correspondent/singer Cassandra Wilson and Native American Music. So you came to Still want more? Below are some excellent sites that touch on these subjects.

Robbie Robertson : Part of an encyclopedic site devoted to The Band, Robertson's first group, this page has Robertson's biography, a list of his records, sound clips, transcriptions of song lyrics, and a list of rare videos.

Capitol Records' Robbie Robertson Site : Robertson's label has created an imaginative site (your computer isn't broken, those words are meant to look like backwards mirror images), with sound clips, news, and links to interviews and articles. Also here: a list of songs from "Contact From The Underworld Of Red Boy," along with lyrics, and Robertson's own explanation of the song.

Cassandra Wilson : This fan site is a great introduction to the singer/correspondent. It has a long list of newspaper and magazine stories on her (what other artist gets raves from both the Nation and Entertainment Weekly?), a discography that lists every song she's ever recorded, photos, and an up-to-date list of where she's playing (Istanbul next month!)

Jazz Central Station : This comprehensive jazz site has a section on Wilson, with an even more up-to-date list of tour dates, as well as information about her work with Wynton Marsalis on his adaptation of "Blood in the Fields."

Native American Music Resources on the Internet : A wealth of information about Native American musical instruments, organizations, artists, as well as links to other web sites.

The Native American Music Awards : This site features is a good place to learn more about Native American music. The organization gave Robertson a lifetime achievement award.

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Written by David Kohn

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