Road Trip!

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For those who want to hit the road for a summer adventure, the best starting gate in the world might be found on the Internet.

Regina Lewis, AOL's online adviser and author of "Wired in a Week," in a Saturday Early Show interview, describes how best to take advantage of online travel resources.

The Internet has really transformed the travel industry forever, she says. Online travel is actually the biggest e-commerce category, making up about 30 percent of all online sales. So to the tune of about 60 million online travelers and several billion dollars, it's really gone mainstream.

There are three key ways people use the Internet when it comes to travel:

  • Research: "I'm thinking about a cruise, but would like to know more about how they work."
  • Planning: "We're driving across country and need to know where the campgrounds are."
  • Booking/Purchasing reservations: "We want to go to see Grandma this summer and are looking for the best fares."
If you have access to an online service provider like MSN, CompuServe or AOL, you can start by going to their Travel Channel where all of the resources will be pulled together in one place. You can search by destination, interest, or price.

In planning road trips, the Internet can be enormously helpful, too, says Lewis. Sites like have all kinds of information on area events, from craft fairs to parades.

Also, before you get in the car, Web sites like MapQuest's Road Trip Planner can be a terrific resource for driving directions.

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