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Rival teams unite in wake of fan's brutal attack

SAN FRANCISCO - Nobody can ever remember this happening before.

"It is about respect. It is about civility," said Dodgers infielder Jamey Carroll.

Two fierce rivals took the field together and told their fans to behave, CBS News National Correspondent Ben Tracy reports.

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"In your excitement, or in your frustration, don't take it out on another fan if you don't agree with who they cheer for," said Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt.

It was a needed reminder before a game played in honor of 42-year-old Bryan Stow. Twelve days ago the Giants' fan and father of two was brutally beaten in the parking lot of Dodgers' Stadium after a game by two unknown men in Dodgers' gear. Stow has been in a coma ever since.

At the ballparks in L.A. and San Francisco Monday, fans donated money for Stow and his two children.

Hard-nosed Dodgers' manager Tommy Lasorda got choked up. He promised the two men who beat Stow will be caught.

"We'll get you," he said. "We'll find out who they are. And they're gonna have to pay the price."

When the two teams met last night in San Francisco, their fans were still loyal - yet willing to tone it down.

"Instead of "beat L.A.,' we're gonna go 'outscore L.A.' I think that sounds better don't you?" one fan said.

The Giants weren't taking any chances. They beefed up security by 40 percent - a level you would only see here during a World Series game.

It wasn't really needed. Even the smallest Giants have new perspective.

"It's just a game! It's not about everything! It's just a game," Jacob Bucho, a young boy, said.

But Bryan Stow's family doesn't want fans to lose their passion.

"We can't let what happened by a couple of thugs really change the way that we always cheered and appreciated our game," cousin John Stow said.

As long as the rivalry is settled on the field.

On Monday, fans in Los Angeles and San Francisco each raised nearly $60,000 to help pay the medical costs for Bryan Stow.

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