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Report: Madoff Secretly Gave $9B to 3 Friends

If his fellow inmates are to be believed, Bernard Madoff is not keeping quiet in prison.

First the convicted Ponzi schemer declared "F*** my victims" to his jailbird neighbors, according to New York Magazine.

Now, an inmate tells The New York Post that Madoff revealed that he covertly gave $9 billion in stolen cash to three people before he was arrested.

"I think it was personal friends," the inmate said.

The notorious swindler allegedly told the inmate that his accomplice Frank DiPascali knows who the three people are and is using that information to cut a plea deal. DiPascali pleaded guilty last year to 10 felonies in connection with the Madoff case.

The 72-year-old Madoff, who reportedly scammed investors out of more than $60 billion, is serving a 150-year prison term at a federal penitentiary in North Carolina.

The inmate also told The Post that Madoff was prescribed antidepressants by a prison psychiatrist after his former mistress published a book last year.

Madoff was allegedly worried his wife Ruth would leave him but she still visits him in prison, the inmate said.

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