​Rekindling first loves later in life

Do these young loves imprint themselves on our brain? Fischer says yes. "That imprinting becomes powerful. Suddenly that's the body type that you really like. And so you look for that in other people."

"So that, if that person comes back into your life decades later, whoa?"

"Yeah. Whoa! Trigger that brain circuitry, and you're off to the races even at first sight."

In other words, the person you've been looking for could be as close as your high school yearbook.

Diana Biederman was a 15-year old sophomore in Old Tappan, New Jersey, when she first laid eyes on senior Vinnie Delongis back in 1979.

"I just remember seeing him and just sort of melting," she told Smith.

They dated, and after a few steamy weeks, Vinnie moved on.

He wound up in North Carolina, a businessman with a wife and two kids. Diana became a high-powered New York publicist for places like the 21 Club.

But her love life was one heartbreak after another. She never married. But she had great friends, and a great career. She adopted a cat.

But by 2013, Vinnie was divorced, and after 30 years apart, he went looking for his lost love the way a lot of people do now -- on the Internet, making the initial connection through Facebook.

"She actually responded in about two hours," he said.

Diana Biederman was a 15-year old sophomore in Old Tappan, New Jersey, when she first laid eyes on senior Vinnie Delongis. They met up again three decades later, thanks to Facebook. CBS News

They agreed to meet for a weekend. It went well . . . so well that, after decades of being alone, Diana finally allowed herself to get her hopes up.

"When we got to the airport, when our little weekend was up, I became this emotional mess," she recalled. "I could not stop crying. Because I had had so much disappointment in my previous relationships, I thought, maybe I should just appreciate this for the weekend it was and don't plan on hearing from him again. Because, what if he wasn't gonna call me?

"Everybody was trying to comfort me. They're like, 'What's the matter? What's the matter?' I'm like, 'I just had the best date!'"

Diana and Vinnie were married a year ago this month.

Year-old wedding cake never tasted so good. Love, it seems, really can be sweeter the second time around.

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