Readers' Negotiation Tips for Women

When I asked for help getting over my nice girl negotiation stress last week, savvy readers came to the rescue with practical tips to conquer jitters. Also on offer: plenty of encouragement to power through my nerves. As temafrank says, "although you might feel a bit sick to the stomach when you are going into the negotiation, the feeling of victory if you win more than makes up for it." Meanwhile Arleann points out that accepting a low ball salary offer can have consequences for more than your budget. Your low salary may influence your company to value you less. A higher salary does the opposite.

Also buried in the comments was a great suggestion to check out a set of negotiation tips for women from Expat Women. Though the site might be a bit of a pink overdose for my taste, the ideas within are solid and include how to prepare yourself for negotiations, how to carry yourself with confidence and how to bat back difficult questions and objections. Among the useful tips:

  • Current or new employers are not going to hand money over to you without some sort of justification. Having a viable business case as to why you deserve X salary or why your salary should be increased is still required.
  • If you are asked your salary range or expectations and do not want to disclose the information, try answering with a response like"I would prefer to find out more about the position, the responsibilities and expectations before getting into any salary discussions".
  • Ensure you come across as appreciative of the offer and clarify what the offer exactly entails. Be sure to request a hard copy of the offer and ask for a few days to consider the opportunity.
Check out the site for more advice and thanks to everyone who offered tips and encouragement.

(Image of Rosie the riveter from michal_hadassah, CC 2.0)