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Rape Suspect On TV Dating Show

Police in California have arrested a suspected rapist, after the victim spotted him on a TV dating show.

Police say the woman saw her alleged attacker on the reality show "Blind Date" and then brought a video tape of the broadcast to police. Investigators have since arrested Ulrick Kevin White on investigation of rape and kidnapping.

The woman says White approached her while she was waiting for a cab, coaxed her into his car and then drove her to a secluded spot where he raped her in September 2003. During the assault the woman dialed 9-1-1, hoping police would track down her location. Dispatchers recorded the attack.

The producers of "Blind Date" aren't giving any details about their screening process. The reality show brings singles together for an outing.

White's been in trouble before, according to police. They say he was arrested last year for allegedly breaking into a woman's home.