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Quiz: Is It Social Media News... or Social Media Satire?

Also works for financial analysis.
The problem with satirizing the social media bubble is that reality keeps beating you to the punch. So test your reality-based skills: Which of the following social-media observations and "developments" are real, and which are supposed to be satire?

  1. Toyota (TM) Friend, a future service on electric vehicles and hybrid plug-ins that allows users to post messages in real time.
  2. A site that will calculate the value of your website according to the same formula used to evaluate LinkedIn (LNKD).
  3. The Social Media Vending Machine from Pepsi, which lets people send a user a soda as a gift.
  4. "We're actually at the very early stages of massive and global business process re-engineering, driven in part by social media working its way into the enterprise at a rapid pace."
  5. "Though the model to make money in social networks is still based on traffic pouring through the site, the need to separate someone from their cash isn't as large a priority as it was in the dot com bubble days."
  6. The Lighthouse SQ7 social-media tablet, which is dedicated to running Facebook and Twitter and relies mainly on its built-in voice recognition engine to get input from the user.
  7. A new device you can use to download information from other people who own one, and then later use that info to connect online with that person.
  8. A device with which toddlers can update their status to a friend, requiring no special skills.
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  1. Real
  2. Satire: The Bubble 2.0 Valuator
  3. Real: All you have to do is enter the recipient's name, mobile number and a personalized text message
  4. Real. Writer Beverly Macy is the co-author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing and apparently disagrees with the idea behind the This-Time-It's-Different Syndrome
  5. Real. Author is an analyst at Ernst & Young
  6. Real
  7. Real -- it's called a MingleStick
  8. Real -- it's called the IOBR
Cartoon courtesy of XKCD
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