Quiz: Are You Really the Boss?

Last Updated Apr 13, 2010 12:51 PM EDT

So, you've got a senior title, you've got the PA, the high-end company car and the corner office -- all the signs you are a powerful figure in the business. But, are you really one of the movers and shakers -- one of the people your CEO depends on to keep the company successful -- or are you really just keeping someone else's seat warm for them?

Here's a quiz that shows whether you are really the boss, or whether the real leaders just let you think you are.

Special thanks to David Pardy, senior manager, research and policy at the Institute of Leadership and Management for his help in compiling this quiz.

Some guidance was also taken from "Not Bosses But Leaders" by John Adair.
There are five questions to answer:

1 How stable is your working environment?
a) It can be difficult to predict what is going to happen in any given day.

b) Little happens out of the blue. You can predict what is going to happen for months.

c) Most of the time things are calm. There are occasional emergencies, but your boss is happy to give you advice to help you respond appropriately.

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