Quintuplets Born To Wounded GI

Husband who had quintuplets

Having quintuplets is difficult enough but there's an added complication for the Hortons, a suddenly-expanded family.

"Dad," also known as Marine Sgt. Joshua Horton, was wounded in Iraq last week, and is recovering from unspecified injuries at Bethesda Medical Center in Maryland.

Reading a statement at a news conference, Horton's wife Taunacy said, "Wednesday, Josh was told of the arrival of the quintuplets and was able to see a video of them. His mother Locklyn said he was deeply moved and reached out to touch the television screen with his hand."

I wish I could have been there, but I know he is keeping them in his heart until he can see them in person.

Sgt. Horton enlisted after the Sept. 11 attacks. When he deployed to Iraq a month ago, he knew quintuplets were on the way for he and his wife Taunacy. But his mother says he chose to serve his country.

"Josh and Taunacy both felt very strongly that somebody needed to defend our country even though it meant him not being with his wife during the precarious early days of her pregnancy," Josh Horton's mother Locklyn said.

Even though the Marines offered to let him stay home, CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports he wanted to leave so somebody else's family could have their dad home for a while.

The quints haven't yet made a public appearance. Born at 26 weeks, the three girls and two boys are each under two pounds, and in critical but stable condition. Doctors are optimistic they'll eventually join their siblings, Sean, 7 and Shaleigh, 5, at home outside Naperville, Ill.

"My hope is that Josh can be there when we first get to hold these babies, I can't wait until we can be reunited and do this together. That would be very special," Taunacy Horton said.

For Sgt. Horton, the babies are five more reasons to live. Doctors say he'll have more surgery, then is expected to join his family in Illinois. That makes two important homecomings in the Horton family future -- that of the quintuplets ... and their father.