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Put Your Videos in a Screen Saver

They aren't really necessary, but millions of us have gotten used to screen savers. It might just be a blank screen or a crawling message that says Leave My Computer Alone. Or remember those flying toasters? Now you can have your computer play video clips instead. Sterling Strategic Solutions is out with a line it calls Vidscreamers...

"We have three titles that are out now. Space In Motion, Forces of Nature in Motion and Oceans in Motion. Forces of Nature being high end video clips of tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning storms. And Space being footage of any sort of landings, take off shuttles, moon clips, moon clips. And of course Ocean, being underwater photography which is amazing."
VP Andy Aweida says load up the Forces of Nature clips in your cubicle....and watch for the reactions from the cubicles next door... (sound) You can add your own video clips as well...

"So besides the actual video that we have cut and clipped and we've added it to the series, you can also download Internet videos or Internet movies and play those as your screen saver, or you can even use your own home videos."
Provided you have video capture hardware. The price for the CD ROMS is under 20 dollars. You can find more information at

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