Pulling Out The Wrong Job Card

Greeting Card Scam, Bob McNamara, Evening News

It was in the classifieds: "Greeting card route. 30 local accounts. $2,000 a week. Invest money."

The greeting cards are musical cards. A part-time business, it seemed, that a stay-at-home mom could handle to add to her family's income, reports CBS News Correspondent Bob McNamara.

"I thought this is perfect and came to find out it's not so perfect," says Teresa Goetz.

Today, Goetz's garage is piled high with dozens of boxes of greeting cards and the unassembled racks to display them.

Goetz tells McNamara that she has "18,400 cards and 20 stands," and that she's also out at $25,000.

In her contract with Florida-based All Occasions Incorporated, the greeting card distributor promises assistance finding locating marketing companies — agents who find stores where cards can be sold.

But Goetz says a locator has never shown up and it has been months.

"He's going to be here in a week; his glasses broke," Goetz says she was told. "He's going to be here in another week; his car broke down."

Now the calls John and Teresa Goetz make to All Occasions Incorporated go unreturned or unanswered — just as our's did. They record the calls now.

"It's a scam," says Goetz. "It's a very well thought out, well-planned scam. And my question is, who are these people?"

The Florida offices of All Occasions Inc. pictured in a sales pitch were actually found in a Pampano Beach building, where a camera was not welcome and the day's lunch deliveryman was stiffed too.

Florida's Consumer Affairs Division is now investigating a number of fraud complaints. And the Better Business Bureau has also had calls.

"We have seen rack-routes over and over again through the years promoted as easy ways to make money and they don't work out," says Jeanette Kopko.

Theresa Goetz wants her $25,000 refunded.

"It makes me want to cry because I'm like we borrowed this money on charge cards," says Goetz. "You know it's tough."

Consumer watchdogs say what happened here is a sign of the times: a down economy, high unemployment. People looking for other ways to make a living sometimes take a gamble and may find the cards stacked against them.