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Products For Multiple Babies

We are experiencing an explosion in multiple births. In 1996, more than 6,000 babies were born in multiple sets -- triplets, quadruplets or even larger groups -- and more than 100,000 babies were born twins.

As women wait longer to have babies and fertility treatments become more accessible, don't expect those numbers to be going down.

CBS This Morning Health Correspondent Emily Senay, who gave birth to twin girls this year, reports on some new products designed for those with more than one baby.

  • More Than One
    This company's catalog carries a bouncy seat for twins and triplets, various twin, triplet and quad strollers and lots more for multiples.
    Web site:
  • Inglesina
    This company makes a stroller that can be adapted for two, three or four babies.
    Web site:
  • Baby Trilogy Inc.
    This company sells special twin cribs that fit in the corner and have add-ons for triplets and quads. Web site:
  • Bananas, for Babies who come in Bunches
    This company has a catalog that carries a twin nursing pillow, a bottle propper and a twin bouncer. Also, it carries the Zutano line of clothing, mix and match pieces so your babies will be coordinated but not identical. Telephone number: 800-928-9330

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