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Productivity Toolbox Gathers the Best Online Apps

  • Productivity Toolbox Gathers the Best Online AppsThe Find: A productivity toolbox that collects all the best online offerings to keep innovative people on task and on schedule.
  • The Source: Lateral Action blog.
The Takeaway: BNET1 and Business Hacks are among the many blogs offering busy managers tools to boost productivity. All our suggestions are, of course, meant to be helpful, but the sheer number of tips can threaten to overwhelm readers with gadgets and applications. Soon you'll need an online tool to remember all the online tools that offer to make you a more efficient worker. Lateral Action to the rescue.

The blog, which is aimed at simultaneously fostering creativity and productivity, rounds up a huge list of the best tools for many of the tasks that fill our workdays, including:

  • Email
  • Documents
  • Photo editing
  • Calendars
  • One-on-one communication
  • Collaborative communication
  • Client communication
  • Web surfing
  • Media
  • Invoicing
  • Time tracking
  • Backups
It's a long list that covers a large portion of what information workers do at their desks every day, and the best part is, Lateral Action whittles down all the competing offerings to give readers only the best options in each category. Better yet, most of the tools are free or extremely low cost. One link in your bookmarks gives you access to the best tools for many of your everyday tasks. Nice.

The Question: Anything you'd add to or take away from the list?

(Image of toolbox by Siomuzzz, CC 2.0)