Presidential Present Ideas

George W. Bush, over U.S. Presidential seal, partial graphic 2005/4/28
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
President Bush heads to Asia this week for an eight day tour. I'm sure this seemed like a really good idea when came up in a planning meeting months ago, but, now the President is traveling with a little extra baggage, and if his recent trip to Latin America gives us any clues, he may be looking to make a friend or two.

The man looks like he needs a buddy. So may I make a suggestion? When traveling in Asia it's always a good idea to bring gifts.

For the Japanese, how about a signed copy of the Kyoto accords? Hmmm. Too extravagant.

For the Chinese, perhaps a boatload of U.S. Treasury bonds? Nah, they already own too much U.S. debt.

Let's see. He's going to Mongolia, a coalition member in the war in Iraq. There are still more than 100 Mongolian troops in Iraq right now. Maybe the President could suggest they pack up their yurts and head home.

But, here is a more pressing question — does President Bush know how to use chop sticks?

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By Harry Smith