Pregnancy author Heidi Murkoff on grandchildren

Of course, "What to Expect" has no plot per se, but that didn't stop Hollywood from making a movie about it. The film was birthed last summer, with an "A-List" list cast including Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Critics treated it like an ugly stepchild.

"I thought that it was fun," said Murkoff. "We were there for some of the filming. Clearly there were a lot of beautiful women, and a lot of very thin pregnant women, which is definitely Hollywood's interpretation, yeah!"

But while the movie was pure fiction, the book deals in facts, down to some pretty serious medical advice. Murkoff, who is not a doctor, does dispense medical advice in the book.

"That's true. And yet, the book is so carefully checked for those medical facts that it's used in a lot of hospitals to train interns, and it's required reading in some hospitals," Murkoff said.

She said everything in the book has been run by doctors and "thoroughly fact-checked" because "things change."

And now, after helping millions through their pregnancies, there's only one mom on Heidi Murkoff's mind.

For Emma, pregnancy has been a mixture of joy and terror. "I'm the type of person, every little thing scares me," she said. "You know, when she tells me it's going to be okay, I relax. I'm okay. There's only one person in the world who says, 'Emma, it's okay,' and I believe it, and that's her. And so, when I'm in labor and when I'm out of control in the delivery room, and she says, 'It's gonna be okay,' I will listen."

As Emma's due date got closer, so, too, did her mom.

For all the millions of books she's sold, and all the advice she's given, the one answer Heidi Murkoff didn't have was how to wrap her mind around becoming a grandmother.

"I just had her, right? What is that about? I blinked. I should never have blinked," Murkoff said. "And all of a sudden she's having a baby."

Lennox Page made his entrance February 12th, at five pounds, fifteen ounces.

Mother, baby and grandmother are all doing fine . . . just as you might expect.

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