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Poodle's Aria Wins Grand Prize

A Canadian toy poodle was selected North American's Best Singing Pet at the 1998 competition in New York City. News2 Correspondent Morry Alter of CBS station WCBS-TV in New York reports that Pumpkin the poodle beat out 11 other finalists for the crown.

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Pumpkin's owner, Lesley Andrew, says that the first time she heard her poodle sing. she thought she had run something over with her car.

Pumpkin sang an aria from Madame Butterfly in the finals of a contest sponsored by a flea-control product.

The 12 other finalists, which included one cat, were selected from 16 cities across North America during the summer.

Pumpkin's owner is an opera singer and teacher from Toronto. She says Pumpkin sings anything she does, which sometimes interferes with her teaching.

The runner-up was a San Francisco beagle named Theo. He sang Happy Birthday with his master, Charlie Robert, who got Theo from a rescue shelter.

Pumpkin's grand prize included a professional recording contract of her winning performance.

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