Poll: Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ads

Last Updated Oct 21, 2008 10:56 AM EDT

I used to be a PC person, and I'm writing this post on a PC. But that's only because I'm waiting for a new Mac to be delivered. I switched over three years ago. The dirty secret of switching over, if you care, is that Macs are just as frustrating to use as PCs, only the frustrations are completely different.

One quick example: I LOVE the Google toolbar. Can't live without it. Except I have to, because there isn't one for the Mac browser I use.

So I straddle both worlds. The Mac I'm about to get has the ability to run Windows, and I'm not sure what I will do: will I install Windows at all, and if I do, how much time will I spend working on Windows versus native Mac applications? We'll see.

This is all by way of asking you a question: what do you think of Microsoft's new "I'm a PC" ads? Are they cool, stupid, funny, boring, or just right? And how do they make you feel, whether you're a Mac person, a PC person, a Linux person or just a person?

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