Playhouses Popular After Jon & Kate Split

Last Monday night, reality television stars Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their separation, and their plans to get a divorce. As far as ratings for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" are concerned, the show was a huge success, pulling in a record 10.6 million viewers.

But before announcing they were through, Jon and Kate had a big fight about some playhouses they were having installed for their eight children.

The playhouses they were talking about are called Crooked House Playhouses.

Turns out, Jon and Kate spread their success around.

Skewed and cartoonish-looking, the playhouses feature twisted chimney pipes, cattycorner roofs and sloping porches. They look as if a kid had designed and built them, and up until Monday night, very few people had heard of them.

But since the show featuring them aired, the Crooked Houses company has been one of the biggest searches on Google. The small concern of five people -- with only two full-time employees -- has been booming.

Prices range from $1,400 to $2,500 per playhouse. A doghouse featured on "The Early Show" Tuesday costs around $500.

All the Crooked Houses were are suddenly in high demand. On top of having some basic ready-to-assemble houses for sale, kids can custom design their own houses, as they did with Jon and Kate. Children and parents can pick colors, themes and other details.

Crooked Houses has also launched a program recently where 10 percent of all profits from every house sold will go toward underprivileged housing.