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Pick Brengle's Hairstyle, Color

It's up to you, viewers of The Early Show, to vote on which hair style and color you want Putting It Together makeover winner Lori Brengle to end up with.

As of Monday, Oct. 20, Brengle, from Metcalf, Ill., had no real style for her fine shoulder-length blondish hair. She says that she wants something with shape, character, and oomph.

"It's boring and I've had it this way far too long and it's time for a change," Brengle says.

Evangelista notes, "Her face is a little square, so I really want to soften that up a little bit. I think the length around her face is too long so I want to focus on making it softer.

Evangelista and Ann from the John Barrett salon have created three looks - any one of which they say would look spectacular on Brengle. Your part is to pick from hairstyles A, B, or C. You also can choose the colors: strawberry blonde, brunette or blonde. You can mix and match.

Here are your choices:

Hairstyle A – Model is Jenny, who also models the srawberry blonde hair color. Jenny has a classic chin-length bob (which works perfectly for fine hair) with soft bangs and a soft edge that shows off her high cheekbones.

Evangelista says, "I chose this haircut because I thought it had soft angles. You think a bob with the square face doesn't work, but I angled it in somewhat and texturized the ends and softened the bangs." Jenny's color is very similar to Brengle's natural color from years ago, so it would be a natural match for her skin tone.

Brengle says as a child she used to have a similar cut.

Hairstyle B – Model is Maryellen, who sports a choppy, layered version of the bob and also models the brunette color. Evangelista says, "I chose this haircut because Lori's hair is fine and I wanted to give her a lot of volume. I thought,"Wwhy not cut a lot of layers, give it more texture, some more movement and we did it with this cut.'" Again, Evangelista says that this "do would be fantastic for Lori because of its soft lines." The choppiness doesn't create a harsh line around the face, an important thing for women with square faces to remember when they get their hair cut).

Maryellen's color is a chocolate brown base with honey and toffee highlights. It's a match for Brengle, Evangelista says, as it warms up the skin and gets rid of some natural shallowness that often comes with fair skin (Maryellen and Brengle have very similar skin - very fair, with lots of freckles).

"I love it," Brengle says about this style.

Hairstyle C – Model is Mariana, who has a look very different from Brengle's current one and who also models the blonde color. She has what Evangelista calls a "short, layered modern pixie" with a warm blonde base and lots of contrasting highlights.

Evangelista says, "I thought, 'Do something drastic.' Lori would look great with short hair." He notes that the long, shaggy bang, which creates a triangular look in the front, would counteract the squareness of Brengle's face, and would make her cheekbones pop out. Mariana has the same cheek bones as Brengle.

As for the color, Evangelista says the warm blonde of Mariana's hair would work beautifully on Brengle as it's not too cool and won't wash her out.

"I am ready for a change," says Brengle, who has never had short hair. Though she says she likes the three styles offered, she says her pick is probably, a brunette, hairstyle C.

Now, it is your turn to pick. Next Monday, after all the votes are tallied, Evangelista will announce on The Early Show which look and which color viewers chose.

So stay tuned. In the following weeks, you will get to pick makeup, outfit and accessories. Once all choices are made, you will get to see Brengle with her new look.