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Photography...Old and New

At the George Eastman House, the International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, New York, they're celebrating the One hundredth anniversary of the Brownie Camera…

"It's kind of really the beginnings of mass market photography. Before the Brownie, photography was either something that was done by professional photographers at their studios for the most part, or by fairly wealthy individuals who had the time and the finances to acquire a camera and study the process."
Eastman House Curator Todd Gustavson. The first model sold for a dollar. Film went for fifteen cents. A lot has changed in a hundred years and we are taking more pictures than ever. And the same kind of excitement that greeted those box shaped Brownie cameras is being generated by digital cameras. Gustavson believes it is only a matter of time….

"I foresee a time when digital will take over. It's going to happen. Right now silver photography is still the least expensive way to make an image and I think as long as it still stays that way, it'll probably continue. But it's certainly getting closer and closer."
Chances are your next camera won't use film at all. That even a better deal than fifteen cents. You can find the museum at You can find our images at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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