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Phil Collins Goes Big Band

Six-time Grammy winning artist Phil Collins has put down his microphone, picked up his drumsticks and made an album he calls a dream come true. CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen reports.

The Phil Collins Big Band is on tour. It has released its first album, A Hot Night In Paris.

Playing the drums is nothing new for Collins. He first earned fame as a drummer in the pop group Genesis. But somewhere along the way, he says, he got sidetracked and his drumsticks were replaced with a microphone.

"I'm really a drummer," he says. "I didn't wanna sing. Peter left and then we couldn't find a singer and I was a singer and now here I am and no one knows I play the drums anymore. It's kind of funny," he says.

While he's excited about his new big band sound, Collins says the transition from pop to jazz has been quite the challenge.

"For me, I'm in between two places because jazz fans aren't listening to it yet. They have yet to be informed that I'm serious. Maybe they'll listen to the album and like it. On the other hand, pop fans are not seeing it," he says.

"And the ladies like to hear voice. And the pop fans, 'Sing, Phil.' We've had a fair share of that," he says. "I'm hoping that fans that like what I do would like me for the right reasons."

"Then they'll say, maybe there's something in it," he says. "We've trusted him before, let's go with him this way."

Recently Collins reached another milestone. He got married a couple of weeks ago to long-time girlfriend Orianne Cezey.

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