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"Perfect Storm" At Nation's Food Banks

Many Americans are feeling the squeeze from the rising cost of food. Staples such as rice, wheat, corn and milk cost more than ever.

And reports CBS News correspondent Priya David, those and other rising costs are hitting the middle class hard.

One manifestation: At food banks across the country, donations are slowing down, because, among other things, people who once donated are now in need of food themselves. So, donations are decreasing as the need for their services increases. One food bank official calls it "the perfect storm":

Separately, an 11-year-old Florida boy, Jack Davis, has done his part to address the problem in his state, spearheading efforts that recently resulted in a law making it less potentially problematic for restaurants and others to donate leftover fresh food to food banks. That's right: We said -- ELEVEN-years-old!:

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