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People Will Steal Anything

My mother grew up during the Depression and kept a close watch on her worldly possessions and advised her children to do the same. If she told us once, she must have told us a hundred times, people will steal anything that's not nailed down.

Which is why I am sure she is looking down from the good place this morning, nodding her head and saying "See, what did I tell you?"

Because a story moved on the wire today that a man in Florida has been arrested for stealing snakes - snakes from a pet shop.

When police arrived on the scene the man first denied all of that but then a boa constrictor peeped out from under his shirt and something moved around in his pants pocket and it turned out to be a milk snake.

The man claimed he really wasn't trying to steal the snakes, he had simply noticed them, he said, slithering across the floor and put them in his pocket to keep them from escaping.

The judge did not believe him and sentenced him to two years of house arrest. My mother would be very pleased with that.

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