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Peddling Petals Online

It was an ebusiness before they were being called ebusinesses. The year was 1989 when Bill Tobin started a company to sell flowers on Prodigy....

"E-commerce was like...what could that possibly be? Who was going to ever buy off a computer?"
Today the company is and they've added gifts to the site as well. Buying flowers online can save you time and money. I don't necessarily recommend this, but you can even opt to send a free virtual bouquet...

"We started it several years ago and we called it the Virtual Bouquet...which when you send somebody an email, you have the option to send them a virtual floral arrangement."
Don't say I didn't warn you. You could wind up with a vase on your head. Another site, has a feature called Hint Hint....

"The way the Hint Hint works is ...if you want to receive flowers from someone, you can actually type in your email and then the person you want to receive flowers from...and it's kind of a gentle way to say...hey, listen...I'd love to get some flowers from you. And we've had just incredible feedback from that."
It's done, says Mark Irace of a good natured way.

"It's a very gentle way of doing it. Certainly we don't want to make it that it's being pushy or anything...and it's not."
When it comes to flowers, you wouldn't want anyone to think you're fresh. Or would you?

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