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PC Makers Taking Bites From Apple

From the iMac to the iBook, Apple has again been teaching the computer industry some important lessons. Computers don't have to be boring. Compaq is the latest manufacturer to decide that looks…are important. Its new line of home PCs and notebooks let you pick from half a dozen different colors. VP Mike Larson…

"We believe that the old beige box had about run its course. But I think color today is really only part of the story. I think in the future it's going to be video game characters, its college logos, its company logos. I think that you'll see more than just color."
Another Apple innovation becoming more popular on new PCs…including the new Compaqs are what are called Firewire ports. They let you connect to things like digital camcorders. It's a perfect combination for Sony. They make both the cameras and a line of computers. And it's Vaio PCs will have software called Movie Shaker that all but turns the video editing process into a game. VP Mark Hanson….

"You could download all of the video that you shot and let it make the choices, scene transitions and add music. You can actually push one button and it will actually create its own 45 second video clip."
It really is that easy. It won't turn you into a Steven Spielberg…but it's a start. You'll find more on the latest tech toys Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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