Paul Ryan says Republicans should vote their conscience

Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus on pledge breake... 01:26

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, told Republicans who initially pledged to support the eventual Republican nominee, but have since refused to support Trump, to vote their conscience in the upcoming election.  During an interview in his ceremonial office for Face the Nation, Ryan told moderator John Dickerson it is not in his “purview” to penalize Republicans for not supporting the Republican nominee Donald Trump, even if they pledged to do so during the Primary. 

“I think people should go with their conscience. Do what they want to do.” Ryan said.  “That’s not something I’m in charge of, I have anything to do with. So I’m not going to spend my time worrying about it or commenting on it.”

Ryan’s comments come just a week after the Chairman of the Republican Party Reince Priebus told Dickerson the party might penalize Republicans who refuse to support Trump.  The Chairman said candidates who pledged their support “should be on board” with Trump.

“If a private entity puts forward a process and has an agreement with the participants in that process, and those participants don’t follow through with the promises that they made in that process, what should a private party do about that if those same people come around in four or eight years?” The Chairman asked.

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  • Tim Perry

    CBS News reporter covering the White House.