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Passing The Hat: Top NYT Executives Scrape Together $150K In Salary Cuts

This story was written by Rory Maher.
How much will Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and his fellow executive officers at The New York Times Co. (NYSE: NYT) save the company by taking a paycut this year? All of $158,000 (or about a month's worth of group lunches at Michael's).

The company said in an SEC filing released today that it would cut executive salaries by 5 percent through the end of the year. Here are the pre-salary-cut salaries of the executive officers at The New York Times: Sulzberger (Chairman and Publisher) $1,087,000; Janet L. Robinson (President & CEO) $1 million; Michael Golden (Vice Chairman) $627,000; P. Steven Ainsley (Publisher Boston Globe) $500,000; and James M. Follo (CFO) $480,000. 

By Rory Maher