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Resources Culled From Program

Here is some information about the people and groups appearing on the 48 Hours segment "Panic," airing Aug. 10.

Pet Project

Psychologist Nancy Jainchill

Dog trainer Mickey Niego
Dog's Eye View
Smith Hill Road
Airmont, N.Y. 10952-4223

The Delta Society (Emotional Support for Dogs)

To find out about obsessive compulsive disorders, call the National OCD Foundation at 203-315-2190.

The national organization that includes Equip for Equality is the
National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems.

Theresa and Chad: Monster of the Mind

Boston University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
648 Beacon St.
Boston, Mass. 02215
Clinical director, Dr. David Barlow
Theresa Murphy's therapist, Dr. Kami White

Show Stopper - Donny Osmond

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Dr. Jerilyn Ross

Donny and Marie Osmond have their own Web site:

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