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If you're in pain, or you know someone who is, the Web is an excellent place to begin learning more about this confusing, complex subject. There are sites devoted to almost every aspect of pain, from headaches to phantom limb pain (the pain that amputees "feel" where their limbs were).

We've gathered some of the best sites below:

The American Pain Society : Here you'll find an extensive list of organizations dedicated to helping people in pain, as well a good list of facilities where those in pain can get treated.

National Headache Foundation: This site is a good place to start trying to understand headaches. An excellent place to start is the "Complete Guide To Headache," which includes advice on what to tell your doctor, as well as a glossary: Find out what an abdominal migraine is.

The Journal of the American Medical Association has created a site devoted to migraines. Here you'll find a great deal of information, including stories about the latest research. There's also a helpful chart on substances that often trigger headaches - they're more widespread than you might think., the site for the Worldwide Congress on Pain, has interviews with experts, and a searchable library of 2,500 articles on pain. There's also a list of pain clinics all over the world.

American Society for Action on Pain (ASAP): This group is spearheading the drive to change drug laws so that doctors can more easily prescribe powerful medication for patients in severe pain.

For a heartfelt argument in favor of this policy change, read the home page of Skip Baker, the head of ASAP.

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