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paidContent - My Quick Take On The Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
I am live-tweeting some analysis as the story unfolds:
»  Will Bartz be Yahoo’s CEO a year from now? Unlikely as they need a media/ad leader in Armstrong’s mold going ahead.
»  Is this how the Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) homepage will look now?
» Will Yahoo get out of mobile search too? They have far better presence and carrier deals than MSFT, that’s for sure.
» Since no upfront payment from MSFT, likely the rev share will be weighted towards Yahoo.
» Finally, Yahoo is now a media company. Bye bye Sunnyvale? I know, hyperbole and speculation for now…
»  Bing jumps to almost 30% mkt share, almost half of Goog’s 65 percent. Now AOL’s share of search, at abt 3-4% becomes even more important
»  MSFT stays focused on the tech side, Yahoo becomes an ad sales and marketing machine.
» Yahoo saves its search advertiser relationships, which will help it on the display side. Very smart.
» MSFT-YHOO deal means pretty much all of YHOO Burbank setup will be decimated and big layoffs
» Yahoo will take the lead on selling Bing inventory, MSFT’s AdCenter will be the platform
»  Will YHOO sell off its search technology to a third party? That would be its payment in lieu of upfront money

By Rafat Ali

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