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paidContent - Former HuffPo CEO: Parting Is Hard; Still A Significant Investor

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Former HuffingtonPost CEO Betsy Morgan is having a hard time moving on from the job she was ousted from last month. In a live webcast interview with Dorian Benkoil on his regular video show earlier this morning, she didn’t say it in as many words, but it appears that the move to replace her with HuffPo investor and board member Eric Hippeau came as a surprise to her. “I miss it tremendously. I miss the fabulous people there…Sad and disappointing to leave the company,” she said. She is still a “significant investor” in the company, she said, which probably means she has significant equity/share in the company rather than her own money in the company. As for what’s next for her, besides some holiday and beach time in the summer: “I miss video; I worked at CBS before, so that’s interesting to me. There aren’t a lot of people out there with hybrid experience of traditional and new media who know what’s fantastic about both and mesh them together.”

By Rafat Ali

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