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Online Video Consumed by Half the Connected Population

YouTube Generation image by jonsson [cc, 2.0]One might say Google paid too much for YouTube, but did they? I mean, really, did they? Year-over-year, daily online video watchers has doubled, meaning 48% of internet users now make video part of their online fare. This is certainly a larger figure than was reported earlier this year, but it certainly reflects the speed at which online video is purportedly growing.

Some might say online video is just a different delivery method for an old media, but is it really? Could young voters, for example, ask presidential candidates questions online and live during the fateful Kennedy./Nixon, for example? And could it all be watched commercial-free, when you want it, on whichever screen/device/time-vortex you wished?

Apple's decision to make the iPhone compatible with H.264 (the new online video format used by YouTube) could herald a whole new era in advertising. In such an era, the once-fledgling video sharing startup formed by three former PayPal employees may look like a bargain for $1.65 billion in Google paper. Then again, I could be totally wrong, but something tells me that YouTube is well on its way to repaying Google in dividends.

YouTube Generation image by jonsson [cc, 2.0]