One Last Chance

Juan Struggles To Avoid Temptation Of Crime

From the beginning, the deck was stacked against Juan Carlos Castro. His mother was a drug addict who abandoned him. He grew up in foster homes. As a young teen-ager, he stole scores of cars.

Can someone like Juan be saved before becoming a hardened criminal? And if so, how? 48 Hours examines this complicated, yet very real, question.

48 Hours spent five years following Juan, quietly recording the ups and downs of his life. The result: an inside look at youth, crime and seemingly intractable social problems.

Smart, Charming, Incorrigible? At age 6, Juan was sleeping by himself in abandoned cars. Watch as a cop and a boot camp commander and even a sociologist - try to turn around his life with discipline. Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports.

Unable To Escape His Past: After stealing his foster family's car, Juan is sent to adult prison. Upon his release, he is determined to start anew. He seems poised on the brink of a better life but stumbles again. Then, disaster strikes. Schlesinger reports.

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