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One Digital Day

This time, photojournalist Rick Smolan and company have created a coffee table picture book that illustrates the impact of the microchip. One Digital Day...

"Well basically we invite a hundred of the world's best photographers from Time, Life, National Geographic, Fortune, Newsweek. In the past we've done the Day in the Life books where we send people out on assignment to capture a country during one 24-hour period. This year we did One Digital Day, which is a global snapshot of not people sitting in front of computers, not pictures of chips, but the way it's affecting all of our lives and the way this little invention, invented by Intel 27 years ago, is now literally running the world. Not just in the west, not just affluent yuppies that go to the Sharper Image catalog, but every corner of the globe it is now the engine that runs society."

From divers using technology to fend off sharks, to chip implants for pets to data rings being worn by millions in Turkey...

"They look like class rings with a chip in the middle and when they want pay for a phone call or take a bus they take this chip in this ring and touch it to a sensor and it deducts the money. It's like smart cards here but a lot more fun."

You can see for yourself at

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