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Once An Ombudsman, Always An Ombudsman

PBS ombudsman Michael Getler is off to an earlier start than expected (hat tip, Romenesko). In his first missive, Getler takes on complaints he's received about the PBS documentary, "Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories" that looked at the impact of domestic abuse on children. Here's part of Getler's conclusion:

"My assessment, as a viewer and as a journalist, is that this was a flawed presentation by PBS. I have no doubt that this subject merited serious exposure and that these problems exist and are hard to get at journalistically. But it seemed to me that PBS and CPTV were their own worst enemy and diminished the impact and usefulness of the examination of a real issue by what did, indeed, come across as a one-sided, advocacy program."
Disclosure note – I consulted Getler in preparation for Public Eye's launch when he was still the ombudsman at The Washington Post. It's good to see him back.
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