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On tour with Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas

Olympian Gabby Douglas made history when she became the first African American gymnast to win the all-around gold.

It wasn't easy to catch up with her because Gabby Douglas never stops moving. For the past three months, Douglas has been traveling with some her fellow Olympians as part of a national gymnastics tour.

"Person To Person" caught up with Douglas at a stop in Hartford, Conn. Being on tour, she says, "we definitely feel like rock stars, people coming up to us, asking us for autographs and pictures."

Douglas offers a view of life on the bus she and some of the other gymnasts have been calling home while they are on the road. The quarters are tight - but Gabby takes it in stride.

The teammates also recently visited the White House where they met President Obama. Douglas says the president was funny.

"I just remember we walk in and we all stood ... so proper. And he was just like, 'Guys, relax, calm down, you don't have to stand in a straight line,'" Douglas says. "We even had a cookie in the White House, which is so good. And I found a quarter in the floor in the White House. It was pretty awesome."

"I always dreamed about being on the top of the podium," she says of winning the gold. "But it's not an easy life. It is very tough. The sacrifices, the injuries you have to go through, the struggles."

She credits her mom, Natalie, for being by her side. Indeed, her mother let Gabby move 1,200 miles from home to train with one of the nation's top coaches.

"To have her go live with a host family that took a lot for me," Natalie said, "but she had a love and a passion for this sport ... and I wouldn't be ... a good mom if I didn't help her pursue her dreams."

She's only 16, but Gabby Douglas has already written a memoir about her journey to the gold.

"Everyone that wants to accomplish their dream, or follow their dream," she says, "I would just say don't ever stop - don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't - because you really can."

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