On The Edge Of Your Seat

What is the thrill of risking danger? Is it the momentary adrenaline rush or the sense of having cheated death? Whatever it is, the pursuit of extreme excitement appears to have caught on in a major way. From jumping out of airplanes to climbing mountains, Americans are putting themselves in harm's way - all in the pursuit of fun.

In "On The Edge Of Your Seat," 48 Hours Adventures looks at people who take great risks - sometimes with awful consequences.

  • The Sky's Her Limit: When a plane full of skydivers crashed, Carol O'Connell was the only survivor. Follow along as she decides to confront her greatest fear, returning to the skies to jump once more.
  • Adrenaline-Charged Links: Find out more about BASE jumping, skydiving and a host of other fun but sometimes dangerous pursuits.
    Rescue At High Cost: Increasingly Yosemite National Park is the scene of countless injuries resulting from daredevil feats. But as 48 Hours Correspondent Russ Mitchell found, the prospect of death is not enough to scare these adrenaline junkies away.
  • Life As A Loose Cannon: 48 Hours Anchor Dan Rather reports on Sean Thomas, a real-life human cannonball, and the master who taught him his art.
  • Surviving An Avalanche: Christian George got more thrills than he expected when he was trapped in an avalanche while snowmobiling. Find out how he tunneled his way through miles of snow, back to safety.
  • A Life Full Of Crazy Stunts: For Cindy Folkerson, leaping off cliffs and dodging fireballs are just part of a normal day. And she takes her work home with her, too: A top Hollywood stuntwoman, Folkerson is married to stunt coordinator Jeff Ramsey. Susan Spencer reports.
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Produced by David Kohn and Aaron Wertheim;