On Libby: "A Tragic Fall" From Grace

Stephanie Lambidakis is a CBS News producer based in Washington. She's been tracking the Libby case for the last four years, and was at the courthouse today for the sentencing.
The case that started with a major bang -- the indictment of one of the most powerful people in government -- ended with almost a whimper from the defendant himself.

As he stood before Judge Reggie Walton and looked up at the bench, Libby spoke in a soft voice and uttered just a few sentences, pleading with Walton to spare him prison time in part beause of his "whole life" of devoted government service. Ted Wells delivered a memorable line that no one in Libby-land will ever dispute: Scooter Libby "has fallen from public grace and it is a tragic fall, a tragic fall."

The somber mood inside the courtroom permeated the courthouse itself, even among the bloggers who maintained a lively running commentary throughout the trial.

The appeals will follow, but Scooter Libby's next stop is federal prison to begin serving his two-and-a-half year sentence.