Oklahoma State Suspends 4

Oklahoma State football coach Bob Simmons suspended four starters Monday for violating team policy.

Tight end Marcellus Rivers, cornerbacks Evan Howell and Alvin Porter, and strong safety J.B. Flowers will not play in the regular-season finale Saturday against Oklahoma.

"While I understand that an investigation of an alleged incident may happen, I have not been notified of any official investigation," Simmons said, reading from a brief written statement. "The action I have taken is without regard to whether or not an investigation may occur, but deals only with team issues."

The suspensions came amid a report of an alleged sexual assault that occurred early Sunday. Neither Simmons nor Stillwater police said it was the players who allegedly were involved.

Stillwater police Lt. Ron Thrasher said a 22-year-old Oklahoma State student reported she was sexually assaulted between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. at a private party. Thrasher said the student identified two and possibly three Oklahoma State students as her assailants.

Thrasher did not release the names or say whether the students were football players. He said he couldn't comment on whether the suspensions were related to the police investigation.

Rivers, a sophomore, is the team's second-leading receiver with 27 catches for 336 yards and four touchdowns. Porter, Flowers and Howell are all seniors and all rank among the top 10 tacklers on the team.

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