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O.J. Tees Up Legal Appeal

Even though he pledged to spend his days hunting down the real killer of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman, O.J. Simpson is more often seen playing golf -- as he did Friday in Louisiana - reports CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes.

He took a break from the course to explain why he is appealing the civil judgement that found him legally responsible for their deaths. "Justice is supposed to be fair and blind, and not supposed to have prejudice. You're supposed to go by the law," said Simpson.

Simpson's appeal claims the judge didn't go by the law when he allowed jurors to hear "inflammatory" testimony about Simpson's history of domestic violence.

However, one juror says that wasn't the critical evidence:

"We spent a lot of time talking about blood drops," said Simpson civil juror Deena Mullen. "We didint spend a lot of time talking about that evidence because it didn't have much to do with the crime itself."

Ron Goldman's father sneered at Simpson's appeal.

"Let's all cry for him," said Goldman. "He doesn't want anyone to know he was a violent person and that he beat up his wife?"

The appeal also claims that the $33 million award against Simpson is excessive.

But Mullen says Simpson should consider himself lucky.

"I wish he'd been in there, because the discussion in the second phase, the punitive phase -- that discussion started at $100 million," said Mullen.

Legal observers tell CBS News that Simpson faces an uphill battle with this appeal. His lawyers already raised these same issues at trial and lost.

Reported by Sandra Hughes
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