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O.J. Simpson Wins Again

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

So Fox pulled the plug on the O.J. Simpson book and TV deal. People who seem to know think O.J. still walked away with most of if not all of the more than $3 million he was to be paid.

Fox gave in to a public response that said "This is disgusting." It makes you wonder doesn't it, why that didn't occur to anyone until Fox's own employees said they would have nothing to do with it?

I spoke with Ron Goldman's father and sister this morning, and they were pleased that Fox had come to its senses. At the same time, there was no masking their contempt for Simpson. The Goldmans and the Browns, the family of Simpson's ex-wife, filed a wrongful death suit against Simpson and won. They were awarded more than $30 million. Simpson has vowed never to pay.

Thanks to Fox, it looks like he's just gotten a windfall. And one assumes he'll find a way to hang on to that, too.

When all this blows over, the Goldmans and the Browns will still be without their loved ones.

And O.J. will be on the golf course.

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