Oil Spill, Day 56: Katie Couric Reports From the Gulf

Katie Couric interviews a local fisherman and son in Orange Beach, Ala.
CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric speaks with people affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill.

CBS News' Katie Couric reports from the Gulf of Mexico to reports on the immense toll the BP oil spill continues to take on the lives of residents who live along the coastline.

President Obama is touring the Gulf today on a seaplane, surveying the damage from the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. Scientists are just now beginning to comprehend the scale of the damage to the marshlands, plants and animals beneath the water and the birds who live and breed along the coastline.

Couric talks to community leaders about how they are coping with the tremendous losses in tourism and industry, their anger at the slow pace of the cleanup and the lack of equipment to get the beaches and water cleaned up.

Also, tune in tonight at 6:30 p.m. ET as Couric reports on how local businesses, restaurants, commercial fishing and have taken a crippling blow. Nearly two months after the spill, residents who make their living off the Gulf are barely hanging on to their livelihoods and their homes.

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