"Octomom! The Musical" Hits L.A.

Just when you thought you've heard the last about the "Octomom," she's back.

Nadja Suleman, the famous mother of octuplets, now has another claim to fame. She's the title character in a new play that just opened in Los Angeles. It's called "Octomom! The Musical."

"I'm telling a story about people who just can't have enough," director Chris Voltaire told "The Early Show" co-anchor Julie Chen. "And what's happened in the last six months to the country, especially the economy, it's really forcing us to address that issue."

Voltaire mixes fact and fiction to tackle the hot-button topic of America's need for fame and fortune.

"Like, Octo, the way that I make her, she's a little crazy because she really wants money," said actress Molly McCook, who plays Octomom Nadja Suleman in the musical. "She really wants to be famous. And she needs it. And then when she doesn't get it, she goes crazy,"

"And that's kind of what's so funny about everybody in the show. If they don't have what they want, they go insane. And they keep going more insane until they get what they want," added McCook.

There are other greedy characters in the musical, which represents an era of American scandals.

Actor John Combs plays con man Bernie Madoff who also makes an appearance in "Octomom! the Musical."

(Madoff, 71, pleaded guilty in March to charges that his investment business was a Ponzi scheme and is now serving a 150-year sentence at a prison in North Carolina.)

"I think Octomom and Bernie and some of the other characters in the show represent the, I suppose, the excesses that we see, when we turn on the TV, we see in society all around us," Combs said.

Voltaire hopes to expand "Octomom! The Musical," around the country.

"Well, my aspiration is to give birth to 14 separate companies of the show, touring simultaneously," said Voltaire.

Voltaire's musical makes a statement while incorporating a great sense of humor.

"I wanted to create a really fun musical that captured this moment in time," he said.

"Octomom! The Musical" is playing a limited run at the Fake Gallery in Los Angeles. No word yet on whether the real Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has made a reservation. But the producers say they're keeping a seat open for her at every performance.