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Obama: World Witnessing History Unfold In Egypt

MARQUETTE, Michigan (AP) - President Barack Obama is calling for an "orderly and genuine" transition to democracy in Egypt. He had no direct comment on reports that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is stepping down.

As the latest upheaval in Egypt commanded attention, Obama said the world was witnessing history unfold.

He says young people in Egypt have come out in extraordinary numbers to demand change. He says America will do everything it can to support an orderly transition in Egypt.

The president spoke amid reports that Mubarak, under enormous pressure from protestors seeking a freer country, would resign.

Mubarak was expected to address his nation Thursday.

Obama made his unscheduled remarks during an economic event in Michigan.

The protestors have pushed for the immediate end of Mubarak's 29-year monopoly on power.