Obama: I've Never Won A Debate At Home!

Early Show - Obama and Biden - September 29, 2008
Barack Obama says his first debate Friday night with John McCain was part of the process of getting his message across to voters. But as far as debates on the home front go, Obama says it's no contest -- wife Michelle wins every time!

On The Early Show Monday, Entertainment Tonight anchor Mary Hart filled in viewers about her sit-down after a campaign rally in Detroit Sunday with the Obamas and Joe and Jill Biden.

"I think what the audience saw was, you've got two very different visions of where to take the country," Barack Obama remarked. "I believe we're in one of those defining moments where we've got to change things fundamentally."

Did his words hit home with people watching? "I think it's always a process," Obama replied, "People tune in, they tune out.."

Thursday night it will be Joe Biden's turn, as he goes head-to-head with his Republican counterpart, Sarah Palin. He says his plan is just to answer all the questions he's asked.

Biden says talk that he has to be careful so he doesn't come off as a bully when debating a woman doesn't bother him. "I'm so accustomed to debating really competent women, senators and governors," Biden replied. "... Try debating, as (Barack and I) both did, Hillary Clinton.

"Twenty-two times," Barack interjected. "Not easy!"

"Well, Biden added, "me -- it was only 12!" because he left the presidential race early.

Hart asked Michelle and Jill if their husbands were admitting it's a little intimidating debating women, to which Barack pointed out, "I never win a debate at home. I haven't won that one yet!"

Jill Biden' next face-off will be with her students when she returns to work at Delaware Community College, but tells Hart she's not a sudden rock star on campus. "They think of me as their English teacher," Biden says.

"Except she was on Entertainment Tonight!" Barack kidded as they all laughed. "Once that happens, it's all over! Autograph hounds outside the class!"

Hart says the dynamic among the four was "very positive."