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Northwestern Gambling Probe

A federal grand jury wants to see records and videotapes concerning Northwestern football games, a Chicago television station reports.

WLS-TV, citing unidentified sources, said Wednesday the grand jury has issued subpoenas for records and videos involving several games in 1994, the year before Northwestern's Rose Bowl season.

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Such a subpoena could signal the government is expanding its investigation of gambling at the school, which already has led to charges against two basketball players.

Both players pleaded guilty to an indictment charging they took money from gamblers to ensure Northwestern would lose by more than the point spread in three games.

University spokesman Al Cubbage would not confirm or deny that the subpoenas had been issued. Randall Samborn, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office, also declined to comment.

Brian Ballarini, a former Northwestern quarterback, has been indicted on charges of taking bets from Northwestern players. He has pleaded innocent and is scheduled to go to trial Aug. 21.

Ballarini lawyer Bruce Braun noted his client is not accused of any form of point-shaving and is merely charged with taking bets. Braun said he knew nothing about any subpoenas that may have been served on Northwestern.

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