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"No Way Home" Possible Start Cities

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Where Will Dave Start His Journey?

Check out the cities where "Early Show" Weather Anchor Dave Price could possibly start his "No Way Home" series. Vote here for the city where you think he should start.

Special Section: No Way Home

"No Way Home" to Soak Up Seattle, Wash.?

"The Early Show" weather anchor Dave Price will soon kick off his ten-day, one-man reality show called "No Way Home," and he just might need to bring along his umbrella if he headed for Seattle, Washington.

Will "No Way Home" Kick Off in Sunny San Diego?

Viewers to Decide Where Dave Price Will Start His His One-Man Trek; Will It Be at Famed San Diego Zoo?

Dave Price Headed to San Francisco?

Viewers Could Choose World-Famous Fisherman's Wharf as Starting Point for "No Way Home" Series

"No Way Home" Headed to Newport, Oregon?

Dave Price May be Using the Lookout Point from Yaquina Head Lighthouse to Find His Way Back to New York

"No Way Home" Start in Anchorage?

Viewers Will Decide If This Northern U.S. City Will Be the Starting Point for the Highly-Anticipated "No Way Home" Series

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