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News on the Net... AMD and Online Stamps

The fastest new computer processor in town no longer bears the Intel name. AMD is out with the Athlon chip, clocking in at 650 MHz. AMD's Dana Krelle says the good news for consumers, that's you and me, is that you'll get higher speeds at lower prices...

"We believe that the price points you'll see on those machines will start in the range of 1499 dollars and then go up from there. And of course, once we get into the fourth quarter of this year, starting in October, we expect you'll see them perhaps as low as 12 or 1199."
Both IBM and Compaq will have Athlon systems available shortly. From the super speedy, we turn now to the Postal Service. As you may have heard, the postal people are now allowing outside companies to sell you stamps online, that you can print right onto an envelope at home. The first two are at and Postal Service VP Patricia Gibert says consumers will find it convenient...

"Right at your fingertips, at the click of a mouse, you can address your envelope and pay for postage, right at the same time."
But it will cost you more than just the price of the stamps. At, you can pay two dollars a month or twenty dollars a year With E-Stamp, you'll need a 50 dollar starter kit and you'll pay a ten percent surcharge, when you buy stamps.

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