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Newest, Hottest Beauty Products

Are you sick of applying and re-applying your lip gloss every 20 minutes? Are you spending a fortune on blowouts, wishing you could straighten your hair at home?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, you're in luck!

Kristin Perrotta, a contributing editor of Allure Magazine, stopped by The Early Show Tuesday with some of what she says are the newest and hottest beauty gadgets and gear to make looking your best as convenient as possible -- and cut down on your prep time!

The beauty industry is constantly coming out with innovative toys and tools to make your beauty routine easier and more effective, and Perrotta showcased some of her favorite new ones.

The products, and her comments:


"You can squeeze these capsules into your regular moisturizer to instantly turn it into a moisturizing AND anti-aging treatment. You'll cut down on products cluttering your bathroom shelves, and the ingredients in these capsules don't clash with other anti-aging ingredients, so they're safe for you to mix."


"This is a one-step gloss that lasts for about five hours and doesn't require a separate top coat, as most long-wear products do. It has a polymer complex that forms a film over lips that enables the gloss to distribute pigment evenly without becoming dry or sticky, and marine collagen draws in water to keep lips hydrated. It's actually using chemistry normally used for long-lasting mascaras. No more stray hairs getting caught in your lip gloss!"


"These are so much more clump-free than traditional bristles, they slide right over your lashes. We really like the Lancome High Definition -- it's the original Definicils lengthening formula, but with plastic bristles. Really easy and quick to apply -- it doesn't smear all over, and you really have no clumps. Great lashes in seconds." If you want a less-expensive option, the Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara is a great option, too.


"This is a six-inch flat-iron that's great for touch-ups, especially on short hair or bangs. After celebrity hairstylist Garren tested it for us, he ordered 20 for his salon. It has tourmaline ceramic plates that are just as powerful as full-size irons. Plus, it's so small, it's totally portable; you can throw it in your bag and fix your hair wherever you are."


"This product straightens unruly hair on contact and, with continued use, is supposed to coax hair into staying straight. According to an independent chemist, it coats each strand in a film that cements the cuticle in place, and it will continue to make hair straighter until some kind of purifying shampoo rinses out the residue. After a week of use, the wavy hair of one of our staffer was so smooth, she put away her flat-iron." Perrotta's been using this and swears by it; she says her hair has never been smoother).


Allure's beauty blogger writes, "You know that moment of truth when your hair stylist proudly gives you a hand mirror so you can check out the back of your new blowout? Well, once you install the odd-yet-handy 360 Mirror on your bathroom wall, your stylist's trick will seem even lamer. This illuminated, seven-panel fold-out wall mirror reflects every part of your face and hair, solving a whole host of beauty annoyances. If you highlight your own hair, now you'll be able to tell if you missed a chunk. Addicted to your straightening iron? You'll spot that frizzed-out section way before your snippy friend points it out. This apparatus is especially useful for when I'm applying bronzer. The only downside? If you're hypercritical and it takes you a touch longer than the average woman to get out the door, it will now take you seven times as long." This is basically a box, with hinged mirrors that pull out for the 360 effect.

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